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Pietra gray marble

Pietra gray marble is one of the varieties of marble with a typically lovely surface; it gets its name from the mines in the Pietra gray area, which is south of Isfahan. This stone, which has a gray background with white streaks, is utilized for floor or wall patterns, particularly in business settings, entry lobbies, restrooms, and even as a plinth. Pietra gray marble, particularly the ax kind, is used extensively in flooring because of its minimal water absorption and relatively high resilience. Due to the white streaks on the deep black backdrop, Najaf Abad’s black marble has a higher level of beauty than Pietra gray stone.


The high-end Pietra gray marble stone is very lovely because of its greyish black background and white veining. World-famous black Pietra gray stone. Due to its peculiar and distinctive color and pattern, this stone has been accepted and utilized by many builders for a long time. One of the most popular and well-known stones in the world is this marble. Pietra gray marble stone is mined in Iran, and we sell it to all other nations. There are several techniques to prepare pietra gray marble, and each method has a unique purpose.

Pietra gray marble features:

Pietra gray stone is extremely dense and has very little water absorption due to its composition and texture. This quality has made it possible to use this durable stone as the foundation for hotels, lobbies, and high-end structures. The simplicity and ease of installation of this stone are additional noteworthy qualities.

Pietra Gray Marble

Premium Pietra gray marble is simply fitted without any damage because to its strength and durability. The straightforward and quick sorting of this stone has simplified the job of the plant workers, allowing them to readily divide blocks of Pietra gray marble. Sorts of this stone are classified based on the background color and the white streaks in it, and this stone is divided into different categories.

Application of Pietra gray marble:

The rich texture, strong strength, and resilience of marble stones make them suitable for a wide range of applications. Due of its unique pattern and color, pietra gray marble is also utilized in other areas of the structure. As was said in the preceding sentences, Pietra gray may be processed using a variety of methods, all of which will be discussed below and will be useful for various parts of a construction.

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  • Pietra gray for the building’s interior and grounds.
  • Guillotine stone and Rocked face for the building’s interior and exterior.
  • Pietra gray Cubic marble is used for sidewalks and roadway pavement.
  • Pietra gray polished and Hond marble for internal walls
  • and pavement in the major proportions.

Emprial Black Marble

Pietra gray marble quarry:

35 kilometers south of Isfahan in the Lashotor region is a stone quarry with a 3000 ton per month extraction rate and a 360,000 ton deposit of Pietra gray marble. By mining raw Pietra Gray and exporting it to various factories, this mine is one of Iran’s largest suppliers of Pietra Gray. it is now being produced by this quarry in various forms that are broken down into super, premium, first, and second grade categories.


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