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Quarry Pietra gray stone is a attractive black Iranian marble stone
Pietra gray marble is one of the most famous and best-selling natural stones in the world
The largest number of processing belongs to Pietra gray stone as follows:
Hond, Polished, Sandblasted, Bushhammerd, leatherd, Tumbled, Flamed, Split Face, Cut broken, Grooved, Rockfaced
Persian Silk marble one of the most widely used marble stones in Iran is used in the carpet stone and interior of the building.
Golden Black stone gives a special splendor and warmth to the building and this stone can be used in all interior parts of the building and can be a good option for commercial centers, offices and residential units
Finished surface


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ACT Stone has a variety range of products. Starting by reviewing special products to find right stone for your designed project. ACT stone, producing high quality slabs, tiles and flooring materials will provide you with the most desirable design for your project.


If you’re looking for the best selection of natural stones compatible to your mindset, select Act Stones.

 Since 2015, Act stone Co. has been decided to creating applicable collections of natural stone. Quarried and processed to exacting specifications using the latest designing method of architectures, our products are categorized in a wide variety of usages.

With our own architectures and designers’ team of engineers devoted to project work, Act Stone has the ability to provide best design Natural Stone for all sophisticated projects ranging from residential to commercial projects

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Slab application


What is a Slab? The definition of slab stone is necessary before we can respond to the question. In Latin, “slab” refers to a sheet or portion. One of the newest techniques for processing stone is the fabrication of slabs, which is accomplished with specialized tools like saws and wire cutters.

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Pietra gray tile


The term “stone tile” is derived from the French word “tuile,” which was created from the Latin term “tigula,” which means “roof tile” and refers to burned clay. A tile is a thin item with a square or rectangle shape. This stone is a finished item that does not undergo further processing. In general, we can define a tile as a piece of hard material that is covered in ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass. In various areas of the house, this stone is employed in building.

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pietra gray

Pietra gray

Pietra gray marble is one of the varieties of marble with a typically lovely surface; it gets its name from the mines in the Pietra gray area, which is south of Isfahan. This stone, which has a gray background with white streaks, is utilized for floor or wall patterns, particularly in business settings, entry lobbies, restrooms, and even as a plinth.

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