Red Travertine

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Red travertine is one of the most unique travertines in the world that has not been seen in the world. Red travertine is processed in two forms, wavy and undulating, in tile and slab dimensions. Red travertine has a very high resistance to sunlight, cold and heat and has a good polish due to its high compressive strength.

The most important features of red travertine are high transparency, uniformity and solid color. In the process of producing red travertine, resin or epoxy is used to fill the pores.


Commercial interior wall
Commercial interior floor

Residential countertops

Bath Floors
Bath walls

Residential interior floor
Residential interior wall

Stone Analysis:

Optimal Rate Porosity Density Abrasion Resistance Pushing Resistance Water Absorption
Min Petty 2.16 2 500 0.3
Max 2.5 2.56 6.5 1500 7.5
Set point 0.44 2.77 2.8 1266 0.42