Cubism Marble

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Miniature stone has a golden cream color with dark and light pink streaks. Miniature marble is one of the medium-sized marble stones with high compressive strength, which makes the stone more susceptible. Miniature Marble gives a special splendor and warmth to your building and Miniature Stone can be used in all interior parts of the building.


Commercial interior wall
Commercial interior floor

Residential countertops

Bath Floors
Bath walls

Residential interior floor
Residential interior wall

Stone Analysis:

Optimal Rate Porosity Density Abrasion Resistance Pushing Resistance Water Absorption
Min Petty 2.16 2 500 0.3
Max 2.5 2.56 6.5 1500 7.5
Set point 0.44 2.77 2.8 1266 0.42