Brown Desert Marble

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Brown desert marble has a dark to light brown color that is surrounded by spider veins and has made this stone attractive. Brown desert stone has low water absorption and high abrasion resistance. This stone has special fans due to its unique design and color. Also, these stones are divided into several varieties after cutting and sawing, and low-dark varieties and regular and uniform spider veins have a higher price. This stone is very similar to Mahkam stone.


Commercial interior wall
Commercial interior floor

Residential countertops

Bath Floors
Bath walls

Residential interior floor
Residential interior wall

Stone Analysis:

Optimal Rate Porosity Density Abrasion Resistance Pushing Resistance Water Absorption
Min Petty 2.16 2 500 0.3
Max 2.5 2.56 6.5 1500 7.5
Set point 0.44 2.77 2.8 1266 0.42