Brown Wavy

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Brown wavy is one of the most beautiful natural stones.In the wavy method, travertine and marble veins are seen in layers, and in the waveless method, travertine veins are visible as a halo on the surface. The distinctive feature of this stone is its translucency in the marble part, which has been very much welcomed by builders and architects. Also, the bookmatch and fourmtach designs of this stone are very beautiful. This stone is very similar to karmania stone.


Commercial interior wall
Commercial interior floor

Residential countertops

Bath Floors
Bath walls

Residential interior floor
Residential interior wall

Stone Analysis:

Optimal Rate Porosity Density Abrasion Resistance Pushing Resistance Water Absorption
Min Petty 2.16 2 500 0.3
Max 2.5 2.56 6.5 1500 7.5
Set point 0.44 2.77 2.8 1266 0.42